Automotive Stefani


We Develop

We support you from prototypes to mass production and bring in our extensive experience for all kinds of projects. Talk to us

We Manufacture

With the latest software in CAD and nesting, a modern machine park, and most advanced control software, we can achieve desired quality standards.

We Deliver

In-time, on-time, every-time. VAD, FIFO guideline compliant, we are equipped with our own fleet to handle any type of OEM/Tier 1 delivery.

Analysis and Planning

We are happy to work as a development and analysis partner to find innovative solutions.

We offer a collaboration to create complete solutions that meet your quality requirements and lead you to the desired result.

Our experience, which has been guiding our customers to success for more than 30 years, flows into every project.




As a cooperation partner for various developments in the automotive sector, we support you in creating a concept that meets the requirements of your customers. We support you from prototypes to mass production and bring in our extensive experience for all projects.

We support you from prototypes to mass production and bring in our extensive experience for all kinds of projects. Talk to us

Through experiences in different areas of the automotive sector, we can provide support for any challenge and adapt to your requirements.

Our flexibility is always guaranteed and ensured.

Through our experts, we are able to be on site during development at any time to turn the project into a running process safely and quickly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can support you in your product development.


With the latest software in CAD and nesting, a machine park up to date, and equipped with the latest control software, we can always achieve the desired quality standard.

In order not to impede Industry 4.0, the need for digitalization, and the constant change in the automotive industry, we invest our time daily so that we can meet the requirements. With these aspects in mind, we can take on any challenge to create a product that meets your desires.

Our main areas are cutting and further processing 

  • Seats, door trims, trunk trims
  • Headliners, sunroofs, visor shelves
  • Trim strips, insulation, decor, rapport, stripes 
  • Sewing orders for the automotive sector for door trims 
  • Decorative blends in the cockpit, seat mirrors, cool boxes, sunshades
  • Armrests, door pockets and many other areas.

Additional areas of expertise include cutting of fiberglass, cutting of Kevlar, CAD post-processing, technical drawing creation, nesting, digitalization of components, creation of templates such as inspection templates, production templates, sample production templates, small series cutting.

press laminating, vacuum laminating, hot air laminating, deep drawing, 3D shaping, and embossing.



We offer lasers from 300 to 600 watts with the latest control technology from SEI for fabric widths up to 200 cm. These are supported by CAD and nesting software to ensure efficient processing. This allows us to handle any challenge that you present to us.


Our Gerbercutters with oscillating knife, two drilling units including own scrap suction at a maximum material layer height of 9 cm and a matching laying machine as well as laying table, enable us to offer a complete solution for cutting for high-volume projects.


Our extensive range of punching ranges from 100 to 180 tons and is suitable for any type of cutting, allowing us to produce high volumes. Thanks to our competent partners in the creation of punching dies, we are prepared for any challenge.


From bias binding to simple decorative seams and diagonal band feedings, there are no limits to our sewing. Necessary project-related modifications are designed, configured and performed by competent partner companies to realize the wishes of our customers. 

Logistics & Administration

batch processing

As required by OEM or Tier 1 supplier, we are equipped and proficient in using ERP systems. With our inventory management systems, we are able to comply with VDA regulations. This includes, of course, processes such as digital calls, delivery, payment, and invoice notices via ODETTE. With our own fleet, we can provide our own delivery and pickup services and offer traditional freight forwarding services.

In addition, all logistics requirements are carried out according to FIFO. Through our flexible and conscientious warehousing, we are able to realize special customer requirements.